Skin and Makeup Tutorials for us 30 Plusers!

I can’t even EXPLAIN to you how AMAZING this moisturiser is! I honestly believed that my skin would ALWAYS be awful, so I just lathered it with makeup instead!

But 4 years after I first stumbled upon this product, my skin is better than it has EVER been.

It’s so worth having a listen as to WHY it’s so good, so I IMPLORE you to take 5 minutes to watch this vid!



Lipstick can be the BANE of your life when you get into the more ‘mature’ age group.

There is always the option on lip STAINS, if you don’t want your lippy travelling into the cracks of your lips. But, if you just happen to have a favourite lippy that you cant get a colour match for, then this is the next best option!





This is the exact technique we teach all of the ladies in all of our makeup classes, to help minimise the look of hooded eyes.

It’s such a great technique and works for ALL eye shapes and sizes.





This was a really fun makeup look to do and will most likely be my Christmas Day look, just for a bit of fun and frivolity!

It’s pretty much the exact same eye technique that I teach for hooded eyes, except you choose the colours that you’d like to wear.




This video it the recap of our group makeup classes and the tips and tricks we use in there.

Of course, it’s always preferable to be IN the actual class first, so we can assist you one-on-one.

But, so you don’t go away and forget what you’ve learnt, this is a recap of those things.



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