We're an online community of women supporting each other to live our best lives.

We believe women are better together.

What is our 

30plus Community 

all about?

The Original Community

A place to come where you can ask all those random life questions from women in your OWN age group.

No more feeling embarrassed or intimidated about discussing prolapses & stretch marks, grey hair or sagging boobs!

In Thirty Plus we have a VERY strict ethos on kindness and inclusion. So, if you want a place where you don’t have to act like someone you’re not and you’re looking for somewhere you can feel safe to speak your heart (because we delete & block mean people!) then the original 30+ online community is where it’s at!

We also have in person meet ups and outreach groups for developing offline friendships and to receive and offer practical help within the community.

Working through life from a Spiritual perspective….​

It’s a spiritual gig

According to studies, people who have been abused during their lifetime have statistically lower life potential – including income, education and assets in later life.  

But according to MY belief system, those statistics are invalid.

MY belief system tells me that
I can do ALL things…
I am MORE than a conqueror…
I run with perseverance the race marked out for me…

I have lived with these beliefs all the way through successfully single parenting 4 children (two of them back-to-back babies).

And now I want to share what I’ve learnt along the way..

Silhouette of woman, expressing joy and feeling free

Words from our community

What people say

As sisters over the years we have loved and guided each other through and too safe places when there was a real risk of physical or emotional, mental or spiritual danger.
In this group nobody is truly alone. This group is not just a fb group it is nurturing and empowers all women to be the best they can be myself included. 

Karen Anne

” This is where I come when everything is getting to be a bit much. It feels like a safe place, where you can ask or say anything and not be made to feel like a douchebag for it “


Toni Smith

Thirty plus has been an absolute sanity saver. It’s a safe supportive space, there is so much acceptance here, I feel normal.

Megan Guthrie

Thirty plus is a community of like-minded women that look out for each other and support each other no matter what. At least one person in the community has been through the same thing or similar to you and will have the best advice! It’s a safe haven when there isn’t one, a place of love and acceptance, and friendship.

Jennifer Henry

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