They say that a picture paints a thousand words...


Every picture is you see below is of a beautiful 30 plus (plus, PLUS!) woman (scroll down for pics).

The perception of beauty is subjective – people can have differing opinions on what is beautiful, so what one person perceives as flawless & captivating might be ordinary or unappealing to another. 

Although beauty isn’t necessarily about skin or makeup, one thing is for SURE, every woman has inner beauty that SHINES just that little bit extra when she feels good about herself! 

And 30+ Skincare & Makeup is ALL about bringing that confidence to the surface

In our ’30 plus and Fabulous’ makeup classes, we teach women, in the more ‘mature’ age group how to: 

* Even out the skin tone using minimal foundation
* Anti-aging techniques for the eye area
* Soft, beautiful and wearable makeup for an every day look
* The correct application for concealer once you hit your late 30’s!
* Tips and tricks to look as fresh and gorgeous as possible – WITHOUT anyone even realising that it’s because of makeup 

And they do their ENTIRE makeup by themselves – start, to finish!

** Our in-house makeup classes are now unavailable until 2024, but click below if you’d like to book an online training ** 

Emma was challenged by her eyesight during this makeup lesson. But the good thing about what she learnt was that none of the steps were difficult and none of the colours were obnoxious, so it made it possible for her to apply a pretty, yet basic makeup look.

Tight-lining is the best friend of the woman who cant see to put on eyeliner, as you can literally go by feel.

Our eyeliners are also very creamy, which makes the application SO much easier.

I absolutely LOVE this transformation. 

Raewyn worked with us on a technique we call ‘tight-lining’, where you take up less space on the eye-lid by applying you eye-liner to the upper waterline. 

It can take a bit of getting used to, but its WELL worth the effort for the effect.

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