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There are SO many things to have to navigate and heal from as a 30+ woman. And, these chats were designed to help you on that journey...

It’s a New Year.
But, nothing is gunna change for you until you learn how to manifest something different.

In this chat, with the QUEEN of manifestation, Kathy Duncan, we discuss how your mindset is EVERYTHING, and how it is possible to achieve greatness in every area of our lives, simply by shifting our mindset.

Christmas Day is SUPPOSED to be a day of joy and togetherness, but for many families it’s just HARD work. 

In this chat with psychologist, Dr Madeleine Amie, we discuss how to navigate challenging personalities and situations on Christmas day.

It feels as though the world is RIFE with narcissists these days?!

So, how are we supposed to identify the red flags, BEFORE finding ourselves 15,ooo arguments deep with a full-blown narc, who PRETENDED to be the knight in shining armour, before trapping you in a toxic, loveless relationship?

Trauma can be something that you carry with you from your childhood, to your death-bed.

It can affect every part of your life, from what relationships you choose – to how you react in day-to-day situations.

In this chat, psychologist, Dr. Madeleine Amie walks us through how to recognise and navigate those traumas.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will it will eat its fruits.

In this chat with Cat Collucio, we discuss how being wise with our words determines our future.

This is a powerful discussion for those who feel like they need a positive life change.

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