Help For Our Sisters....

It’s a tough world out there, and bad times can come to ANY of us at ANY time. 

Coming from an abuse survivor, I wish I’D had access to all of the information that we now have. But I also realise that when you’re in the ‘heat of the fire’ you often don’t know WHERE to start to find the help that you so desperately need. So, I wanted to create a page of resources for you to look through to see what kind of help there is available to you.

The FIRST link is the INCOGNITO link which is a PRIVATE ‘Women’s Refuge’ link that is hosted on the Warehouse page. It’s an untraceable link, so if your abuser is checking your browser history, they wont be able to see that you have accessed this link:

Women's Refuge Incognito point of contact

Go to the Warehouse home page and scroll RIGHT to the bottom of the page. At the very bottom (on the right) you will see this logo (the desktop pic). Click on that logo to be taken to an incognito Women’s Refuge page.

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