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" Thirty plus has been an absolute sanity saver. It's a safe supportive space, there is so much acceptance here, I feel normal. "

Megan Guthrie

" Thirty plus is a community of like-minded women that look out for each other and support each other no matter what. At least one person in the community has been through the same thing or similar to you and will have the best advice! It’s a safe haven when there isn’t one, a place of love and acceptance, and friendship. "

Jennifer Henry

" As sisters over the years we have loved and guided each other through (and to) safe places when there was a real risk of physical or emotional, mental or spiritual danger. In this group nobody is truly alone. This group is not just a fb group it is nurturing and empowers all women to be the best they can be myself included..

Karen Anne

" If you’re looking for a sisterhood who genuinely support and encourage each other, where you can ask for advice with a personal issue, or help someone process their own trauma, where you can post a funny meme or just share where to buy the most flattering no-roll-down-non-see-through leggings you’ve ever purchased…all this and more can be found here! Thirty Plus is a SAFE, caring community of women uplifting women, created by the wonderful Talya, who meticulously maintains a positive space. I couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Liesje Feterika

" I love that everyone on here are real people with real stories. No problem is untreatable. What's that saying? A problem shared is a problem halved. "

Melanie Warn

" Thirty plus has been a group of wonderful women who have given me company and laughs in times when I've needed it the most.we can talk and express with out judgment knowing that someone out there gets us and understands.its a safe place.full of love and laughter. "

Delwyne Roberts Forbes

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