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Exhibit A: BEFORE

Exhibit B: AFTER

Four years ago I was a single (crazily busy) mum of 4 with not a second of spare time (exhibit A – before) and had never had a weight issue in my adult life! Then I met a guy and he took me out to restaurants & bars and took SO many pressures off my shoulders that I went in to TOTAL relax mode – which resulted in exhibit B – After.

Then I TOTALLY forgot how I used to eat or BE and didn’t know WHAT to do to get back to what I was? I also developed chronic indigestion, not realising what my diet was doing to my poor gut 🙁

But seriously, it’s been an INTENSE journey, re-learning how to treat my body well…

  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • What does my body respond to?
  • What food works for me?
  • What kind of exercise works for me?
  • What’s more important now, being healthy, or looking skinny?
  • Is alcohol still ok?
  • Are my hormones wrecking havoc?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What makes me feel like Im torturing myself?! haha

And then I realised how individual we all are and how not ‘one shoe fits all’, so I decided to start getting in experts to help us with our different health and weight loss challenges, and help us to navigate our way back to health.

SO! Thanks for being on the journey with me!


It’s a lonely road when you’re on a wellness journey alone.

 That’s why here at 30+ we believe that every aspect of our lives is better when we do it TOGETHER.

Whether your journey is one of weight loss, or whether you are navigating other more complicated health issues… we understand, and we are here to be your cheerleaders throughout your journey back to health.

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