FOR BEGINNERS in the more mature age group

These are ‘beginners’ classes for women in the more 'mature age group...

Every month we have new dates available for our 2 hours hands-on makeup classes. At the moment we are based predominantly in Auckland, but we have plans to do a national tour very soon.

In a lovely, non-intimidating environment you will:

* Have your foundation colour perfectly matched to your skin
* Create a flawless, skin-like base, without having to use a heavy foundation
* Learn correct product placement for blush, bronzer, highlighter & concealer
* Our signiture eye makeup techniques for creating fresher, younger looking eyes (Particularly focussing on hooded eyes)
* Lipstick colour matching 

If you would like to see some of our past students’ ‘before & after’ pics you can find them under SKIN STORIES

Or, to book in for a class you can do that by clicking this link: 

Click here to enquire about online trainings: MAKE AN ENQUIRY

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