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Dear diary (😂)
I don’t have a social life and I have chronic Mum-guilt!

My life has always been that of a single Mum, so there has never really been a lot of time for other relationships anyway.

I don’t feel sad about that though.
My little kids haven’t had any regular visits with their dad for most of their lives, so I’m never alone.

I do grieve the fact that I simply can’t do all of the trips away with my kids, giving them tons of experiences and adventures like you might have if you had two incomes between you though.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure to have achieved several international travel seminars, but my kids don’t get to go to those, so the experiences are great, but I still feel sad that I can’t give my kids more.

Single mum guilt is the most debilitating guilt you could feel. It’s the kind of guilt that torments you with the fact that you never feel like you’re enough.

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  1. Here are 10 of the most common things us single Mums feel guilty about…

  2. 1. Work-Life Balance: Juggling career and family responsibilities often leaves moms feeling guilty about not spending enough time with their children.

  3. 2. Self-Care Neglect: Moms may feel guilty for taking time for themselves, thinking it detracts from their family’s needs.

  4. 3. Meal Choices: Balancing nutritional needs with picky eaters can lead to guilt over meal selections and food habits.

  5. 4. Parenting Style: Whether it’s being too strict or too lenient, moms may second-guess their parenting choices, feeling guilty about potential impacts.

  6. 5. Screen Time: Concerns about the amount of time children spend on screens can contribute to mom guilt, especially in a tech-driven world.

  7. 6. Comparisons: Constantly comparing their parenting or family life to others can generate guilt if moms feel they fall short.

  8. 7. Quality Time: Busy schedules may lead to guilt over not being able to create enough meaningful moments with their kids.

  9. 8. Daycare/Childcare Decisions: The choice between staying at home or using external childcare services can spark guilt, regardless of the decision made.

  10. 9. Homework Help: Difficulty in assisting with schoolwork can make moms feel guilty for not being more academically involved.

  11. 19. Health and Wellness: Moms may experience guilt over their own health habits, worrying about the example they set for their children.

  12. But, interestingly, ALL of these guilts are TRAUMA-based, from feeling inadequate by not being able to provide the 2-parent you believe every family needs to thrive.

    So I need to heal my TRAUMA so I can also ditch the Mum-guilt
    Ditch the feelings of not being enough
    Ditch the worry that my kids might feel hard done by
    Ditch the need to own a house so I have something to leave behind
    Ditch the comparisons between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’
    Ditch taking the world upon my shoulders
    Ditch being ungrateful when I’ve got SO much to be thankful for
    Ditch societies expectations
    Ditch my own expectations
    Ditch the rat-race

    Just ditch it all & start with a blank canvas..

And who do I want to be?

* Someone who doesn’t have cleaning panic disorder (needs the house spotless if ANYONE is dropping in!) and therefore, becomes more sociable!
* Someone who people feel accepted by because I accept myself
* Someone who knows how to celebrate their wins and feels worthy of every win
* Someone who moves to the beat of their own drum, not by societies expectations
* Someone who completely abandons their own plans for God’s plans
* Someone with no fear of the future

Wow! Just 2 hours to myself today & I’ve already reimagined my whole life!

Now, to get started, and I think I’ll start with ditching my own expectations of myself.

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Love you, 

Mean it! 

Natalya x


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