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The last time me and my girls went on a night walk was summer 2022. I cant believe that in just one year my cheeky, playful little cherubs, who wanted nothing more than to ride their bikes in the dark, have turned into tweenies, who are not at ALL as enthusiastic about hanging out with their mum these days, let alone to go exercising!
As we were coming to the last few hundred metres of our walk it suddenly dawned on me that the loop was closing – one day will be the last time that they will ever walk the loop with me again 🙁
And the loop is also an illustration of life.
One day, the loop of LIFE will close and there will be no more opportunities to make ‘walking’ memories with your kiddoes. 
In fact, there will be no more opportunities to make memories at all.
There’s nothing quite as sobering as the thought of mortality to make you take an account of what things you consider important in your life – and these are the top 10 regrets that people have at the end of their lives and how to turn that around…
  1. Not pursuing dreams”

  2. Many regret not following their passions or taking more risks in life.

  3. Working too much:

  4. Regrets about missing out on family time or not achieving a better work-life balance.

  5. Not expressing feelings:

  6. Regretting not telling loved ones how much they were appreciated or not resolving conflicts.

  7. Neglecting personal happiness:

  8. Putting others’ needs before their own and not prioritizing personal fulfillment.
  9. Losing touch with friends:

  10. Regretting not maintaining friendships or losing touch with important people in their lives.

  11. Not forgiving:

  12. Holding onto grudges or not reconciling with estranged family members or friends.

  13. Not taking care of health:

  14. Neglecting health earlier in life, leading to regrets about missed opportunities or experiences.

  15. Fearing to take risks:

  16. Regretting playing it safe and not taking chances that could have led to a more fulfilling life.

  17. Not spending enough time with loved ones:

  18. Regret over not cherishing moments or being present for important milestones.

  19. Lacking self-acceptance:

  20. Regrets about not being true to oneself or living according to societal expectations rather than personal values. 

Mum and daughter taking a photo in the dark
But, why wait until it’s too late to live your life so you don’t have these kinds of regrets? Here are some ways that you can start practising living your best life:
  1. Discover Your Passions: Identify what truly excites and motivates you. Engage in activities that align with your interests, whether it’s a hobby, a career path, or a cause you’re passionate about.

  2. Cultivate Relationships: Nurture meaningful connections with friends, family, and your community. Prioritize quality time, empathy, and support in your relationships.

  3. Practice Gratitude: Focus on appreciating what you have rather than dwelling on what you lack. Gratitude can significantly impact your overall well-being.

  4. Embrace Self-Care: Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Prioritize adequate sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness practices to maintain balance.

  5. Set Goals: Define clear, achievable goals for different areas of your life. This gives you direction and a sense of purpose, motivating you to move forward.

  6. Learn Continuously: Embrace a growth mindset by seeking new knowledge and experiences. Continuous learning keeps your mind active and opens doors to new opportunities.

  7. Embrace Resilience: Life is full of challenges. Cultivate resilience to bounce back from setbacks, learn from failures, and adapt to change.

  8. Live Authentically: Be true to yourself. Embrace your values, beliefs, and uniqueness. Authenticity breeds confidence and contentment.

  9. Contribute to Others: Engage in acts of kindness, volunteer work, or mentoring. Contributing to others’ well-being often brings immense personal satisfaction.

  10. Celebrate Life: Take time to enjoy the present moment. Find joy in small things, celebrate milestones, and create memories that bring happiness.

Time waits for no man, so let’s all take life by the horns and enjoy every single moment, before sliding into heaven sideways with torn up clothes and skidded knees, shouting “Yeeeehawww, Grandmaaaa!”

Now THAT’S the way *I* want to close the loop!

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Love you, 
– Mean it! 

Natalya x


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