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Please stop saying the words 'new year, new me?'

There is one thing I've come to learn over the MANY years of being a human being, and that is that VERY few people stick to their 'New Year, New Me' resolutions?

In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that the new year is literally the WORST time to make a decision to change your whole life...

But, why?

Frustrated woman resting her head on an old oak table while cradling her head in her hands

Well, mainly because of the disappointment that follows on the second week, when you realise it’s been a week since you attended the gym, and your promise to yourself was to go every single weekday? 

Or you ate sugar on day two, when you’d previously announced to the world that you are officially ‘sugar free’? 

Then, you spent more than 3 hours scrolling social media a day, even though you said that you were only going to be ‘productive’ online?

Now your head is telling you that you don’t know how to stick to ANYTHING, and how can you possibly achieve a single other thing in your life, if you can’t even stick to the first week of new year?

‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions are honestly the BIGGEST mind-f*ck ever!’

Woman with pink hair looking surprised and pointing at New Years

But, what about setting New Years Intentions?

Or, even better, what about setting ‘New WEEK intentions?’

A ‘resolution’, by description, is a decision to DO or NOT do something (which is fraught with disappointment). Where as, an ‘intention’ is an ‘aim’, or a ‘plan’.

A ‘resolution’ WILL. or WILL NOT happen. Where as, an ‘intention’ is an ongoing journey somewhere, and can be lovingly guided along over time.

You could also choose a ‘New Year, New You’ WORD, to work alongside your ‘intention’, and it can be a word that is a ‘building block’ from the previous year – It doesn’t have to be something COMPLETELY new and outrageous.

Choosing my New Year ‘word’…

When choosing my word, I considered a number of things, including, how my word for last year worked out?

Would it work in flow with this years word?

2022 was NOT a great year, because there was a lot of residual trauma from the tumultuous previous years, 

Ironically, even though my word was LIVE, I feel like all we were actually doing was surviving.

It was as though we were dazed and confused, just trying to get back to who we were, prior to the world falling apart?

So, that’s what has determined my word for 2023.

30 plus woman with pink nails and pink sunglasses drinking a Steinlager beer for New Years Eve


Hope for a beautiful future

Last year I was largely STRIVING to get back on an ‘even’ financial footing… not actually LIVING. 

There was a lot of fear involved.

Because I am self employed & you never know when your sales might fall on their face. I felt like I was just WAITING for the next announcement of a lockdown, or some kind of other potential threat to my business.

But, if 2022 has taught me anything, it’s that fear is absolutely pointless, and living in fear of the ‘what if’s’ is the most debilitating way to live.

That’s why my word for 2023 is ‘SERVE’.

Why ‘SERVE’?

Because ‘serving’ gives fear the BIG ‘middle finger!

It tells fear that it has no control,
the universe that there is no lack,
and my whole body, mind, heart, spirit and emotions that we are FREE.

Serving is giving & in giving you will receive back to you in “good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over” what you have given.

Thats a biblical fact!

So, what does this mean for 2023?

Well, for me, 2023 is the year where I pour it ALL out.

The year where I empty myself of EVERYTHING I have in my tool kit, that can help another human, and believe that in doing ‘good’ for those under my influence, that good things will return to me.

So, you see, my word for 2023 (serve) is in alignment with my word from 2022 (live), except that, in order for good things to come my way, I have to make things better for someone else first.  Which genuinely feels like the most PERFECT spiritual transaction you can make.

So, thats me – setting and directing my intentions with a word.
But, NOT just for 2023 – for a lifetime!

So, please stop saying, ‘New year, New me’?
And instead, let’s embrace this New Year with fresh energy to build towards a BETTER me – AND you’.

Cheers to 2023!

Love you, 

Mean it! 


Natalya x

Click here to listen watch my chat with the fabulous Kathy Duncan (Senior Director of Nutrimetics Aus/NZ) about Manifesting Magnificence. Something that we can ALL apply to our lives in 2023


If anything you’ve read here resonates with you, or you think it could help another woman in need of encouragement or support, please feel free to share, (or, give it the ‘thumbs up’!) so they might have a chance to find their way back to our beautiful 30plus community…

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