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You only live once...

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough…

It’s a funny thing when a particular person is put upon your heart, and you just know that you have been assigned to them.

One of those special people in my life is a long-time 30plus member, Cherie Coker.

Cherie first reached out to me in my DMs about 4 years ago, and we instantly connected over skincare tips and routines. However, not long after, Cherie was diagnosed with cancer, and from that moment on, she has been on my heart and in my daily prayers.

You might remember Cherie from our 30plus Givealittle campaign. She is the incredible single mom of two young children, blessed with the voice of an angel. We were fundraising to help her afford a potentially life-saving medication that is not funded in New Zealand—a drug that costs over $7,000 for just three weeks of treatment. Thanks to YOU, our AMAZING 30plus community, Cherie was able to access this critical medication, and for that, you should all be immensely proud.

Sadly, Cherie’s body did not respond as hoped to the medication, and her doctors have exhausted all other options. As of last week, Cherie is back at home.

I always knew that I would write a piece about Cherie one day. I didn’t know why I felt that way, but it was a feeling that stayed with me.

So, today is that day.

Today, we honor a woman who is still with us, so she knows she is loved, seen, and that she matters. Cherie’s journey has touched many lives, and her strength and courage are an inspiration to us all.

Women with cancer sitting with her two children

Dear Cherie

Your life has purpose, and you matter.

Even if that purpose has unfolded in ways you hadn’t imagined, it remains profound and significant.

Your gift of making everyone feel important and heard will be cherished by all who have confided in you and found solace on your shoulder.

Those fortunate enough to hear you sing say you have the voice of an angel – but surely, even angels don’t have eyes as dreamy as yours.

You are an adored mother, daughter, and sister.

A friend and confidante to so many.

So selfless, even in your own suffering, you cared more about others than yourself.

No judgment – just complete acceptance of everyone, in every form, in every way.

Your earthly journey may be nearing its end, but your eternal legacy will endure forever.

Your legacy is one of strength, dignity, resilience, courage, humility, compassion…

the list is endless – and so will be your memory.

If time were no factor, I could write infinite pages on behalf of many people about your amazingness, but would any of that really matter, when the most important thing to be said is that you will be alive in the hearts and minds of everyone who loves you, and everyone who is a better person because they knew you.

On behalf of your friends, family, and your 30plus sisterhood,

We love you, Cherie.

And I know for a fact that we will see you again in eternity x x

Here is a small compilation of photos, put together as a tribute video, that her beautiful friend, Jayna Caudwell has collected for me. If you are a praying person, please join me in prayer and good wishes for Cherie and her family during this time of transition x x

Thank you so much for your love and support towards Cherie.

You have all been a big part of her journey and I know how grateful she is for your ongoing support  x x


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