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Retinol Rollercoaster: Surprising Twist in My Skincare Journey for Women 30+

Skin lesion on woman's head

“Alright, let’s spill the tea! 

So, picture this: me, a 30+ skincare enthusiast extraordinaire, avoiding retinol like the plague. I mean, who needs dry, flaky skin when you’re whole goal is to look younger, am I right? 

But then, in a strange turn of events (cue the dramatic music) I got lured (mainly by the astounding before & after photo’s!) into trying it. Blame it on peer pressure or just plain curiosity, but I took a headfirst leap into what I thought would be the eternal fountain of youth. And holy heckers, Talk about ‘sink or swim!”

But, before I tell you about what happened to ME, let me tell you what’s SUPPOSED to happen when you have a ‘GOOD’ experience with retinol.


  1. The Start of Something New: When you’re a lady in your 30s and beyond and new to retinol, you should brace yourself for a bit of redness and dryness, but trust me, it’s all part of the glow-up process!

  2. The Magic Unfolds: If you can just embrace the peeling and flaking as signs part of the process you’ll understand that your skin is actually transforming into a smoother, more youthful version of itself.

  3. Clearing the WayRetinol is actually designed to help purge your skin of impurities, even if it means a temporary breakout. Or, in MY case, something a BIT more knarly looking! But, if you trust the process—it’s supposed to be all worth it in the end!

  4. Shine Bright: As you continue your retinol journey, watch in awe as your complexion becomes more radiant and youthful. Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to confidence!

  5. The Never-ending Glow: But, the journey doesn’t stop there. If you keep up with your retinol routine and sun protection you will maintain that youthful glow. Age-defying beauty is a lifelong adventure and your skin damage was accumulated over that same lifetime – so just keep going.

And here is what happens if it doesn't go QUITE to plan!
** Or, if you can't be bothered reading, watch this video instead **

Skin Lesion after retinol use

After using the retinol for a couple of weeks, my skin became EXCESSIVELY dry in places, and actually aggravated a small skin lesion I already had on my forehead. It was a lesion that had been checked by the doc and was fine, but the retinol and skin cell turnover caused that lesion to build up skin cells which didn’t shed, so I ended up with a delightful crusty lesion on my head! So attractive, haha.

Skin lesion on woman's head

I paid a visit to the skin doctor and he asked me if I’d changed anything in my skin care lately? I told him that I’d begun retinol treatment, to which he explained that the retinol was obviously working because it had turned cells over VERY quickly, which resulted in this lesion trying to expel itself. The only problem was that the skin wasn’t shedding, so instead of shedding, it turned into a skin-filled crustation instead, and had to be dry-iced. 

This is day 1 of being zapped.

Woman with skin lesion aggravated by retinol product

I immediately started treating the zapped lesion with Nutri-rich oil because if I can tell you ONE thing about Nutri-rich oil it’s that it is absolutely AMAZING for ANY skin trauma. Including scar repair. It’s also amazing for eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and its the BEST product on EARTH for dehydrated skin! You could easily take 10 years off the biological skin of your age JUST by adding this product, alone!

Skin lesion on woman's head

On day 4 the scarring looked a bit pitted and I genuinely wondered if I was going to end up with a bit of a poc-scar on my forehead. But I trusted the process of using nutri-rich oil until it completely healed, because I’ve seen SO many ‘before and afters’ from women who have had skin cancers removed from their faces and used Nutri-rich oil with extremely successful results! AND I’ve had my OWN skin-healing story from using this amazing product previously, so, I didn’t give up hope. And I’m SO glad I didn’t!

Woman's forehead after retinol treatment.

Because, HERE is my skin on day 8! I actually cant BELIEVE it! Two things that Im absolutely STOKED about are: 

1. I continued using the retinol, even though at ‘purging’ stage I didn’t really like what was happening to my skin – but it was just doing it’s VERY epic job of turning cells over and eliminating skin discolouration. 

2. I knew to use my nutri-rich oil because now my skin on my forehead, that previously had 80 year old skin lesions, looks as smooth as a babies bum’. Yipppeee!


Smiling Woman holding retinol skincare treatment creme

So, let me finish up by giving you a few facts about this  particular retinol product. This product is literally your new best friend: 

Ultra Care Retinol Booster! With a gentle 0.5% of Encapsulated Retinol, will:

* smooth out those fine lines,
* tidy up that discolouration,
* amp up your skin’s bounce, and
* give those pores a breather.

Plus, they’ve thrown in a little somethin’ from the Mediterranean Mastic Tree for an extra boost of goodness. 

This is probably one of the BIGGEST surprises I’ve had with our skincare products in SIX years! I honestly was NOT expecting such an amazing end result – even though the process TOTALLY freaked me out!

It’s unlikely that you’ll have such an intense reaction to this product but even if you did, let me just tell you that MY skin looks INFINITELY better right now than it has in SO flipping long and it was WORTH the little diversion along the way, to get to the results I have today!

How do you use retinol, though?

Ok, so this is a night time only product, so when you’re ready to wind down your day with a little self-care, start by 

* cleansing and toning your skin as usual
* Then, simply apply a pea-sized amount of this wonder product onto your clean, dry skin, being careful to avoid the delicate eye area.
* Once it’s soaked in, follow up with your regular moisturiser to lock in the goodness.

Now, onto the usage schedule:

Take it slow and steady. Begin by using it every third night for the first couple of weeks. Then, gradually increase the frequency to every other night, and eventually, if your skin agrees, make it a nightly habit.

Just a friendly reminder, since this product packs a punch, it’s wise to patch test before diving in completely. If you notice any irritation, it’s best to give your skin a break. Remember, skincare is all about finding what works best for you, so enjoy the journey!”

You can grab some retinol of your own to try by clicking on THIS link if you’re in New Zealand:

Or this link if you’re in Aussie:

** Afterpay and ZIP PAY are both available **

And if you’d like some matching Nutri-rich oil, which you can put on straight after applying your retinol,

You can grab some here if you’re in New Zealand:

Or this link if you’re in Aussie:

What a crazy time to be alive when we all get SO ecstatically happy when our face falls to pieces, JUST so we can have another fresh new one! Hahaha.

I hope this real life account has helped you to understand the ins and outs of the retinol journey.
Let me know how you get on with yours? 

Love you, 

Mean it! 
Natalya x x


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