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toxic relationships don't heal themselves

Sometimes it takes a nasty illustration, to get a solid life lesson.
When I first whacked my finger into the door before Christmas I was aware that it hurt like HECK, but I left it alone, thinking “She’ll be right”.
My nail felt like it was starting to lift, but I thought, “A pretty new set of nails will fix that!”
Everyday my nail hurt, until one day it didn’t hurt at all. How odd?
As it turned out, that momentary lack of pain was right before my entire nail just FELL off
The second it fell to the ground, It all came to me..
Sometimes, you can be in a circle of people and be hurt by them. And as much as you pretend that the pain isn’t too bad, it’s still there, and no amount of ‘glossing over’ the situation makes it go away.

You can ignore it
Pretend it’s not real &
Carry on as usual
But all that does is delay the inevitable.
Numbness doesn’t mean it’s fixed and everything is ok. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

Numbness can illustrate the end of a thing.
Once you sever yourself from toxic people it might expose a few raw nerves, but that’s much better than plodding along, hoping that a toxic situation will get better, as long as you don’t rock the boat.
Exposed nerves might take time to heal, but putting a bandaid on something dead will never make things right.
What do you have going on in your life right now that needs to be ‘severed’ so that you can carry on into 2024 with no toxic attachments?
Be brave

Choose to venture into 2024 light & free.
‘Future You’ will thank you for it ❤️

Love you, 

Mean it! 


Natalya x

One broken fingernail

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