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I've always had obsessive, compulsive tendencies. It's just like having your own personal 'hate squad' living inside your brain....


OCD’s don’t just cause you to need to do things a certain way, but they also cause you to second-guess everything that you do. 

When I first opened up Thirty Plus and Fabulous, I (thought I) knew EXACTLY what I was doing  – I was opening a skincare and makeup group, to go along with my skincare and makeup business? 

Except, within the first month it organically turned itself into something ENTIRELY different, and I had to watch as my idea was thwarted! haha.

Thirty Plus then became a support community instead, and I opened a separate Skincare and Makeup group.

But then I was left, not knowing exactly what to do with our main group? Which continued to grow, exponentially over the first month.

It’s been 6 years since then, and I’ve spent those past SIX years trying to serve our community in the best way that I know how.
It’s been a HUGE labour of love, as I’ve built things EXTREMELY slowly & painfully, around my four kids and limited income.

So, I’m now at the point where I have FINALLY finished our Thirty Plus Website (please feel free to browse through it while you’re in holiday mode!) with the dream of it being a one-stop-shop for all the things that will help to empower women.

But here’s the thing… every time I think up an idea of something I believe would help our community, I see someone else is already doing something WAY cooler than I possibly could, and, because I’m doing this whole thing on my own, my OCD’s (about things needing to be perfect) start ‘hating’ in my ear again… and I stop in my tracks!

So, that’s where Im at – STOPPED in my tracks!

They say that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, and I couldn’t agree more!  One minute I can be happily planning content for our group, and the next, I’m feeling sorry for myself that I can’t keep up with the ‘cool kids’. Ugh!

And here is where YOU come in….

I need your help to know where to go next?

We currently have a place to talk about;
Skin and Makeup
The Spiritual
We have a 
YouTube channel 
A Podcast &
newsletter to keep us all connected

But, WHAT do I do NOW?

I need people to interview about nagivating the craziness of this age-group, and I need inspiring stories to share?

So, if you can think of ANYTHING that you think will be a good fit for our Thirty Plus website, or know of anyone who would be great to interview, please contact (or have them contact) me, here: https://thirtyplusandfabulous.com/contact/

We created this together – Let’s take it forward together, too?

Love You
- Mean it!

Natalya x x


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I’ve always had obsessive, compulsive tendencies. It’s just like having your own personal ‘hate squad’ living inside your brain….   OCD’s don’t just cause you

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