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Trusting the process...

I was talking to God this morning about life, and having a whinge about how hard it’s been for me.

I’ve brought up 4 kids on my own, while working my BUTT off, trying to make something of our lives.

I want to be a LENDER, not a borrower.
I want to own my own house
I want to leave my kids an inheritance

I was asking God why, whenever I get close to a breakthrough, why does it not happen?

I’ve done all the things I’m ‘supposed’ to…

I’ve honoured God
I’ve honoured my parents
I’ve put my children first
I’ve pushed EVERY door of opportunity
I’ve worked so, SO hard…

And I’m still just plodding along in my business, trying to keep mine and my families heads above water, from month to month.

I had a wee sigh, and then walked out to the kitchen to make a coffee. And while I was waiting for the jug to boil I looked out at the house being built in front of us.

God drew my attention to the work that was being done.

He said ‘Notice how long they’re taking on the foundation of this build?’ (They’ve been there for weeks and all I can see are deep trenches)


He said, “What look like trenches to you, is actually the fortification process. If they skipped this process, the structure of the house would not be able to sustain the build. What looks long and arduous is actually the most important part of the process. But, once the foundations are right, notice how quickly the house will go up”

Ok God. Wow

So, if my fortification process has been going on for THIS LONG, could it mean that there will be something ‘weighty’ being built on top?
Could it be that I’m in the fortification process, myself?

I don’t always get the full picture when I ask God questions, but I felt like I He gave me revelation here.

So, what does one do during the fortification process?

One “actively waits”.

Ok, and what does it mean to actively wait?

It means, keep working towards what you’ve been called to do, while you’re in the waiting process.

Today, I had a whinge to God about where I am in my life, compared to where I want to be… and He told me that I’m a work in progress.

So, if you’re feeling a little ‘left behind” yourself, right now, think of it as a time of strength building – believing that what is being built in you will be more than worth the wait ❤

Love you!

– Mean it.


 Natalya x 

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be needing encouragement today x x

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